I am a Yass-based part-time professional freelance photographer and videographer – specialising in country artists and festivals as well as rural and landscape photography.  I’m also a writer and web creator.

I’ve been photographing for more than 30yrs, although much of my earlier work (on film) was sadly lost during house moves or I have yet to digitized it.

Photo equipment – It doesn’t matter what brand your gear is, there’s good and mediocre amongst all of them. A good photog can capture a great image with a phone! That being said, I shoot photos and videos with Nikon dSLR cameras and Nikon/Nikkor professional lenses (currently 4 camera bodies and 9 lenses).

I previously ran a successful public relations and event management company in Sydney and Wagga Wagga, managed communications and community relations for state and federal government agencies, and was editor of Rural Press’s Southern Weekly Magazine.

These days I’m semi-retired from photography; I still work full-time for government, and spend much of my ‘spare’ time on my farm, running The Yass Courier or making delicious Farmhouse Pet Treats.

Phone 0419 434 634
Wargeila Road, Yass NSW 2582