Catherine Britt, Hurlstone RSL 2002

Wow, it’s been almost fifteen years since I photographed this hillbilly pickin’ rambling girl, Catherine Britt at the Canterbury Hurlestone RSL.

It was my very first country music gig, my very first music artist photographed.

I fluked sitting at a table with Catherine’s family and Bill Chambers (I didn’t know who he was!). Everyone was so friendly and the music was great – I’ve been hooked on country ever since.

Sadly the only surviving pic from that day.


September 2002 was ‘The HANK WILLIAMS Birthday Bash‘ starring a huge line-up of stars including… Dwayne Elix, Keith Glass, Catherine Britt, Bill Chambers, Craig Byrne, Karen O’shea, Michael Carr, Leslie Avril, Murray Hill, Donna Boyd, Bryen Willems, Brooke Leal, Wayne Goodwin, Hunter & Suzy Owens, Philby Colson, & Surprise Guests…Audrey, Josh Canning, Crystal Bailey And Ben Conicella.